June 2023

Emptying the trash.

Emptying the trash. Today, I seriously thinned-out bins of clothes; these bags are evidence. I’ve accumulated so much clothes that I can’t possibly wear all this stuff…so it’s going to my son and organizations that help provide clothing for job seekers. During my career, I’ve also mentally accumulatd and kept what I’ve perceived as slights, …

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Help to help…not for rewards

Help others humbly and selflessly and you’ll reap great personal rewards. It’s been said that gratitude is the shortest lived of all emotions.  I’ve often found that to be true.  Many people I’ve helped navigate some professional struggles have gone dark when I’ve asked for a simple favor in return.  It’s disappointing, for sure, but …

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Hey! Packaging matters as much as the product.

Packaging matters. Hey, marketers: the product is the most important thing for sure, but the packaging (and naming) is a close second…a very close second. Don’t ever say that product packaging and design doesn’t matter. I’m not a wine guy at all but, when browsing the aisles, this product jumped out at me. The product …

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